Predict Gaze Lets You Enjoy Totally Hands-Free TV Experience

Friday, October 19th 2012. | Household

Apparently, pushing a TV remote is such a big deal for some guys as a new software development team just invented software called PredictGaze that should end that habit for good. PredictGaze is basically recognition software but its amazing profile shows up when you know that this sleek program is not only able to scan over your face but also gesture. This allows you to pause your TV shows simply by take your eyes off the big screen.

PredictGaze Lets You Enjoy Totally Hands-Free TV Experience

On top of that, PredictGaze is not only limited to TV. As long as a device has a camera installed, then PredictGaze can blend in adding some more cool functionalities to that device. That said, you can install this software on computers, laptop, and smartphone, though we doubt you need it for the latter as the latest Android OS update has enabled such feature.

Currently, the software can only pause videos automatically but if you’re familiar with dudes behind PredictGaze project, you probably have understood that they will not stop here. They will continue to revolve this piece of program until users can get the most out of it. In this case, developers try to find a way how their software can use the scanned data to identify the age of people sitting before the big screen. It will eventually allow the program to automatically censor some particular contents which it deems inappropriate for one of the watcher, your child for example.


You can watch its official promo video above to see how this software can turn over your habit of watching TV. By the way, did we mention that the developer is also trying to adopt its software to boost gaming experience? Do you think it’s similar with Eye Movement Password?

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