Print No More Plain and Dull 3D Objects with ProDesk3D

Monday, May 6th 2013. | Miscellaneous

As time moves on, 3D printers become a lot more like paper printers. After reducing the size into a more desktop-friendly form factor, developers begin to attempt to include color printing capability to their products. The first developer to start this trend is botObjects which has its base in New York. With its latest creation called ProDesk3D, the company is on the right path to excite any 3D printing hobbyists out there.

ProDesk 3D Is The World's First Full Color Desktop 3D Printer

The secret sauce lies on the special patented cartridge capable of containing five different polylatic acid (PLA) colors. This is aided with a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) complementary material whose primary function is to smoothen the whole printing process. Additionally, the company also state that ProDesk3D can print objects with precision up to 25 microns. In case you’re wondering how good it is, that’s four times better than the Replicator 2 by MakerBot, the best consumer desktop 3D printer at the moment.

With specifications being that impressive, what you’ll get is full-color 3D objects coming out at a fast speed with unmatched precision as well. There is no exact info regarding the pricing and availability. However, the company did state that they’d start taking orders before next month. As for the price estimation, I guess it’ll go beyond $3,000 range considering the Replicator 2 sells for $2,800 at the highest. There doesn’t seem to be any special deal for early birds but you don’t have anything to lose here, so go sign yourself up in the company’s mailing list to be informed first hand.

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