Projecteo Is an Extremely Undersized Projector for Instagram Photos

Monday, November 19th 2012. | Gadgets

Working with Mint Digital, Benjamin Redford invents a super tiny projector that is capable of showcasing your images on Instagram. The inspiration comes from the classic Rollei P35 projector colors, an old device your family used to resort to in the 70s whenever they wanted to recall any special moments from the captured images. While Rollei’s devices are bulky Projecteo,  is not larger than a matchbox.

projecteo : tiny instagram projector

The tiny gizmo is offered for $25 at Kickstarter, which is $15 more expensive than Rollei’s stuff. Actually, we have seen the same concept applied on some existing devices like the Image 3D. Still, we can’t help but appreciate Benjamin’s effort to fit a powerful LED along with a decent lens on this midget projector. Check out the short teaser video he made below!

Speaking of the built-in LED, Benjamin states that it can render good quality images from 2.5ft at max. You will need to set the room completely black out if you wish to see the projected images clearly. Projecteo is not some advanced and specs-wise projector, so it does not get along much with high lighting environment.

To use it, firstly you have to get the Projecteo app for iPhone which is offered for free. From there, you can pick up any images you want to be printed in the rounded film. Once done, simply attach the film in the provided circular plastic frame, turn on the Projecteo, adjust the focus, and you’re good to go. To get on to the next images, simply spin the frame! Many think it’s pointless, but oh well, sometimes creativity can wind up lame. You remember the pedal-less bike, don’t you?

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