ProScope Micro Mobile Transforms Your iPhone into Microscope

Tuesday, April 30th 2013. | Mobile Phones

For some people, the view offered by lives in a micro-cosmos around us can be very fascinating. If you’re one of these people, you might want to check ProScope Micro Mobile. Basically, it’s a device that wraps around your iPhone and gives it the capability of a handheld microscope. Don’t confuse it with a case because this thing isn’t made to be shatterproof and is quite ugly as well.

ProScope Micro Mobile adds a microscope to your iPhone or iPad

Coming with ProScope Micro Mobile is a microscope lens capable of performing 20 to 80 times magnification and thanks to the special pro level glass optics, the overall image quality can be bumped one step higher. To use it, you simple have t slot in your iPhone to its sleeve which is made of ABS plastic. Once it’s in, the microscope lens should top your iPhone camera and you’re ready for close-range micro-cosmic observation. Check out the demo below!

To better illuminate the object, ProScope Micro Mobile is equipped with 12 LEDs all of which can be adjusted, in terms of the brightness. Also, don’t worry about your iPhone running out of juice quickly because this add-on has its own battery. It charges via the integrated USB port and is able to function for five hours in a single charge. There is also a desk stand which could be handy for a long observation.

ProScope Micro Mobile Turns Any Apple iOS Device into Professional Microscope

In case you’re wondering, ProScope Micro Mobile is designed by Bodelin, a company that has years of experience in manufacturing portable microscope. Granted, it’s of no surprise that it sports quite a hefty price tag ($149). If you’re interested, the company is taking preorder currently.

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