PumPack Vacuum Suitcase : Compress Clothes To Maximise Packing Space

Monday, December 5th 2011. | Fashion & Styles

What will you do when going to travel and your luggage is too much to put into the suitcase? cram everything into the suitcase and asked family or friends for help to sit on the suitcase that you can immediately close the zipper? yes, I know it. and soon probably we do not have to do it again when Pumpack been produced.

PumPack Suitcase

The Pumpack (means Pumping + Packing) is a suitcase that has a hand-operated vacuum pump inside its handle. This pump can compress clothing to maximise packing space. The designers assert that it can reduce the volume by 70%.

Vacuum SuitcaseDesigned by Yejee Lee, Jongchan Mun, Seobin Oh and Woneui Hong, the suitcase contains a special zip-up vacuum bag. Once the clothing has been placed in the bag and it has been zipped up, the user pulls up the handle of the suitcase to activate the vacuum function. After compression, there is space left for more goods. Rotating the handle stem changes the handle’s function from pump to simple handle.

Vacuum Pumping Suitcase
via [yankodesign]

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