Pumpktris Lets You Play the Classic Tetris on the Spooky Halloween Pumpkin (Video)

Wednesday, October 31st 2012. | Miscellaneous

Tonight, everyone will come out to the street and compete to scare each other because it is time for Halloween. Now if you are tired with the same old “Trick or Treat” game and do not feel like taking up more sweets, Nathan Pryor has something cool for you. He calls it Pumpktris. We’re not sure about it but it seems he wants to tell it is a pumpkin Tetris.

Pumpktris : Pumpkin Tetris

Already get the idea? Nathan recently showed off his latest work which combines the classic arcade game, Tetris, with the trademark of Halloween, pumpkin. While all pumpkin cravings mostly function as decorative ornaments, Nathan’s work can be played just like you play the old Tetris. There are no less than 128 LEDs carved into the pumpkin to acts as the display.

Inside, it’s got a pretty messed up circuitry with all the wire. As for the joystick, Nathan decides to makes use the pumpkin stem to serve as one. You move it up and down to change the orientation of the building block, left and right to place it on the spot you want.We’re going to let the video below explain the rest of the details.

We’re not sure if Nathan plans to sell it because when the video surfaced there was no pricing info or sort of thing. Still, if you’re into electronics, dude at SlashGear tells that it’s actually pretty easy to make Pumpktris. Even the coding doesn’t sound very complex. Anyway, with this in your house, your Halloween party this year  will take you back to your childhood where kids were addicted with Tetris and other extremely simplified games.

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