Puzzle Keyboard Allows You to Arrange Your Own Layout

Monday, April 1st 2013. | Computer & Accessories, Design

I will never understand why keys on any keyboard are arranged in the typically messed up QWERTY layout. As if it was not confusing enough, some dude named Wan Fu Chun designs a concept of what he calls as Puzzle Keyboard. In a nutshell, his keyboard, which looks like Scrabble, allows the users to make their own layout. He expects that each user can arrange the modular keys into layout which allows for the highest efficiency.

Puzzle Keyboard

It sounds pretty make sense, right? But the fact of the matter is that although QWERTY keyboard is a pain in the butt, we’re all used to it already. Allowing us to define our own layout would spell another learning curve to walk through. And that’s much more of a pain for most of us. Not to say that some people aren’t just born with such “creativity” as to invent their own keyboard layout.

Puzzle Keyboard by Wan Fu Chun

I guess Chun’s Puzzle Keyboard is only good for those people who have a long free time to experiment with its modular keys. People with fixed and crowded schedule will hardly stand a minute with this one.

Anyway, due to its novelty, Chun’s Puzzle Keyboard has won a Red Dot: Design Award last year. In Chun’s opinion, his keyboard allows users to take out some particular keys which are infrequently used, giving them a much simpler layout to work with. Moreover, he argues that it also allows for maximum convenience as users can make up two separate layouts and set them to an angle of 7-degree. Do you think it’ll be of any help to you?

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