Q-Ring for Dogs Helps Brush Their Teeth to Crystal Clean

Thursday, November 1st 2012. | Pets

A talented designer who goes by the name of Yufan Tan recently launched Q-Ring for dogs. Do not be fooled by its playful appearance because this thing is actually a toothbrush for your lovely dogs. Indeed, Yufan makes it appear as if it was a toy to make it easier for you to persuade your dog. As you probably know, your cute little puppy does not always agree when you want to clean their teeth.

Q-ring : toothbrush for your dog

Inspired by such awkwardness, Yufan designs the Q-Ring to look just like other common chew toy. Whose dogs do not love chew toys, anyway? However, instead of coming with usual soft chewable texture, it has an integrated bristle on one end. This end can be flipped and squeezed easily so that it is easier for the master to clean.

how to use Q-ring

When you think it is time for your canine best friend to have its teeth brushed, simply squeeze enough toothpaste on the bristle and have your dog to chew it. It will not realize it unless you use too much toothpaste. Once done, twist the bristled end inside and you now have a nice Frisbee – or mini spaceship just like what they call it – to train your dog with.

Q-ring : brush and play

The idea is indeed simple but unfortunately most people tend to overlook it. By the way, Yufan claims that this stuff can help reduce nasty plague that can eventually lead to severe gingivitis. On top of that, it helps stimulate the gum so your dog’s teeth can grow healthily. Will you consider getting it for your dog?

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