Qii Flexible Keyboard Rolls Nicely Like a Mere Plastic

Thursday, December 13th 2012. | Mobile Phones

As long as there is no single device that can really resolve our difficulty when typing with the on-screen keyboard, developers will always attempt to deliver new innovative keyboard to the market. Yesterday, Slice Keyboard dazzled us with its hidden keys and stuff. Today, Qii opened our eyes to see that you can really roll up a keyboard and make it less big than a USB flash drive.

Qii keyboard

The Qii flexible keyboard is made of a special carbon-based nanomaterial. This thing is special in a way that although it looks a lot like plastic to us, it can conduct electricity. The tricky part of it doesn’t stop there, though, because such a material is nothing without any functionality. So, the developer decides to print one on it and that’s how this keyboard is created. Check out the video below!

Details regarding how the developer prints programmable touch functionality on the conductive flexible carbon material are not clearly disclosed but as far as we see it, Qii flexible keyboard does look slick. It comes with a case on which you roll it up. When used, the case can act like touchpad all with its scrolling capability. Additionally, you won’t have any technical issue with it, unless you set it on fire.

Qii flexible keyboard

Provided that all of the components are “printed” on the special nanomaterial, Qii flexible keyboard stands any liquid spills. You can even wash it in the sink, wipe it dry, and use it again without problem. The funding goal the developers aim to reach is $1,850,000 which seems like quite a long shot since there are only 29 days left and the sum that has been gathered so far is only $9,000. Would you want it to step into production?

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