Qimini : The World Smallest Qi Wireless Charger

Friday, March 8th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Ever since Nokia unleashes its Lumia series, techno-conscious consumers are excited for finding out that the devices can be charged using the sleek Qi Wireless charger. Following the trend, some third party companies attempt to offer the exhausted market with a wide range of variations of Qi Wireless. Among them is Tektos, a Hong Kong-based startup that recently unveiled Qimini. The said product stands out from the competition thanks to its extremely compact form factor.

Qimini the world's thinnest Qi Wireless Charging plate

Mind you, in terms of thickness, this charger plate only measures in at 9mm. If your dog sees this flying, he might confuse it with his favorite Frisbee. In between the upper and lower cover is a retractable USB cable. There is no telling about how long this cable is but with this, you can literally charge some of your devices (not all smartphones are compatible with charger based on Qi Wireless) on anything that has an open USB port.

Qimini Color Options

It’s interesting indeed how Tektos engineers can tuck in a complex arrangement of electrical components into such a cramped housing. Unfortunately, the company refuses to specify the details behind the technology underlying its Qimini. It does boast that even if its small, it’s still powerful enough to charge large devices, the 94Fifty Sensor Basketball, for example.

Qimini™ Pocket – Wireless Charger Video

There are four different colors to choose from: red, white, green, and black. While Tektos doesn’t enclose any info regarding its retail price as well as availability, Qimini is going to be a great addition to the already available Qi Wireless Chargers. On the meantime, PowerbyProxi is also working on an entirely different wireless charger. Whichever is going to thrive, we won’t need to deal with messy wires in the future anymore.

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