Quantum Stealth Fabric Makes You Invisible like a Ghost

Thursday, December 13th 2012. | Miscellaneous

Harry Potter’s adventure may be concluded already but it doesn’t stop inspiring people including the Hyperstealth Biotechnology Co. If you watch the last sequel, which is about the deathly hallows, there is one magical object that is probably the dream of all boys, the invisible cloak. So, what it has something to do with Hyperstealth? Well, recently the company unveil a fabric called quantum stealth which acts exactly like Potter’s invisible cloak.

Quantum Stealth

Funded by both Canadian and United States military, the company has put its best to develop the quantum stealth. Details about how it can make the wearer invisible are scarce but the company does say a little about it. It states that their special fabric has the capability to bias light around the wearer, creating an optical illusion to the bystanders. On top of that, it needs no power source or other supplementary device to create the illusion; it’s simply a piece of fabric. Now that is awesome!

Unfortunately, Hyperstealth refused to demonstrate its invention in front of public due to security reasons. All we got is several pictures which showcase a girl wearing the quantum stealth. You might doubt these images but the CEO of the company, Guy Cramer, stated that his invention has been presented in front of Canadian military groups along with U.S. Federal Emergency Response Team.

Although we believe it can’t be more awesome, you won’t likely get your hands on the quantum stealth. Once it steps into production stage, it’ll be available exclusively for both countries’ military troops. Indeed, the main reason why it is developed is to help boost the invisibility and power of our military which we personally think is lame. Seriously, why are people so excited and willing to invest millions of dollars just to build an ultimate weapon when they’re all longing for peace? Anyhow, what do you guys reckon about it?

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