Quick Draw iPhone Holster by Showta Mori Is Simply Hilarious

Monday, January 14th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Say, if you’ve got $80 on your pocket right now what would you like to do with that cash? If you’re pretty much of a geek like me, you must be scouring the internet looking for cool stuff. Talking about one, Showta Mori might not be so cool but his creative quick draw iPhone holster is a different story. And what’s best is it sells for around $80, matching the imaginary budget we’re talking about.

Quick draw iphone holster by Showta Mori

Inspired by the cool Taxi Driver, Mori designs a sleeve gun with a case suited for variety of Apple’s iPhones. You can put your device on that case and when you’ve got a call or want to check something out, you could trigger the gun to quickly reveal your handset. Seriously, that’s a lot cooler than just taking your iPhone out of your pocket using hand. Check out how Mori get a hands-on with the earlier version of his iPhone holster which is well, unstable.

So what about it? If you’re not laughing after watching it, then you simply have to check out your physician to see if everything is alright with your sense of humor. The quick draw iPhone holster by Showta Mori can be purchased at Etsy for 7,000 yen which approximately equals to $80. You probably think it’s too expensive for a fancy accessory made of recycled curtain tracks and some Velcro straps. But again when you think about it, it’s not the thing that is expensive. It’s the exclusivity. I’m pretty much sure there is only 1 person out of 1000 people who is mad enough to buy this.

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