Rain Shield Defines the Future of Umbrella

Tuesday, December 4th 2012. | Fashion & Styles

Umbrella is just another thing that creative or, we should say, mad designers are reluctant to deal with. For years, its design has never been evolved quite significantly as people consider it is good already that way. But apparently Lin Min-Wei and Liu Li-Hsiang have different point of view on that. They recently unveiled their latest work which takes form as a new looking type of umbrella.

Rain Shield Umbrella


Dubbed as Rain Shield umbrella, the Taiwanese designers’ work is claimed to mend some weaknesses in the conventional umbrella. For starter, it eliminates all the potentially harmful rods and wires mechanism. Unlike most umbrellas, it utilizes a single telescopic rod paired with steel wire which is sturdy enough to give the shape of the waterproof cloth material and also flexible enough to be curved and folded with ease. The video below highlights some key features of Rain Shield umbrella.

Another thing that makes it stand out from common umbrellas is its protective shield which is stretched down from the main canopy and secured to the main rod. According to the designers, it helps handle strong win better. The fact that the main canopy connects with the shield which is pinned to the main rod prevents it from being blown inside out by howling wind.

On top of that, it’s totally handy when you find that the wind brown the pouring rain from certain angle. Not to say that it can protects you as well from nasty splash made by irresponsible drivers with their pesky cars. Surprisingly, The awkward design of the umbrella does not give difficulty for users to fold it up. You can watch the video above to know the how-to. At this point, Rain Shield umbrella remains a concept but we’re curious to know how you’re going to respond on it.

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