Rainshader Is a Windproof Umbrella

Saturday, May 11th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

How many times you use an umbrella to shield you from the pouring rain only to find it got blown away some unexpectedly strong wind. When that happens, chance is either you go swearing and cussing like crazy or you try to improve that “woosah” skill of yours. The joke aside, that moment is arguably one of the most annoying ones, especially when you’ve taken on your neat suit and ready for work. But thanks to redesigned umbrella like Rainshader, you might finally make it arriving at your work nice and dry.

Rainshader Umbrella

As a creation of Stephen Collier, Rainshader somehow reminds me to a concept umbrella I discovered somewhere in Singapore called Rain Shield. I don’t know whether Collier is related to Rain Shield’s designer but essentially both umbrellas share the same additional functionality. With the canopy expanded down to the point around user’s elbow, they’re not only waterproof but also windproof.

Rainshader Umbrella Wind Tunnel Test

By the way, Collier claims that his invention has undergone several wind tunnel tests with the wind speed set up to gale force 7 and not the slightest sight of Rainshader’s inferiority is seen. In addition, storms won’t be of serious issue for this umbrella since it’s constructed out of fiber glass, instead of conductive steel. Check it out on the video below!

The first stage manufacturing of Rainshader has been carried out with the help of University of Warwick. At the moment, the canopy is visually plain but once Collier has managed to sign a deal with an advertiser, the back panel might be embedded with some ads. You can purchase it from the product’s website for about $39. Not much of a weird umbrella, you say? Check out this canopy-less umbrella called Airblow 2050!

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