Rapid Deployment Module Sets Up Before Your Eyes Blink

Saturday, April 20th 2013. | Miscellaneous

In an emergency situation, you will want everything to come fast and ready to use, including but not limited to, shelter. Sure, a more established tent can make up a better protection and more secure feeling but sometimes the time and resource to set it up is very limited. This is where Rapid Deployment Module comes in. Designed by Visible Good, this emergency shelter can be assembled in less than 25 minutes with only two empty-handed people.

Rapid Deployment Module (RDM)

It’s pretty much similar as Cardborigami, except that it looks more solid and more weatherproof. Coming in a solid packaging, the crate quickly transforms into the base for the shelter. Furthermore, instead of utilizing specially coated soft material, the surrounding walls are made of solid hard substance and equipped with lockable windows and doors, providing better privacy for users. The only part of Rapid Deployment Module that is made of fabric is the roof. Still, according to the maker, such portable construction is said to remain strong until a period of ten years.

Rapid Deployment Module (RDM) Shipping Crate

Each Rapid Deployment Module will make up a closed enclosure of 130 square-feet, making it suitable to be not only a temporary resting place but also provisional classroom and medical room. The latest report on it has it that a research and development award has been given to Visible Good by U.S. Army for making such intuitive solution for emergency situation. While a number of units have been rolled out, the company still refuses to disclose detailed info dealing with its price per unit.

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