Re: Sound Bottle Records Sounds and Turns Them into Nice Beats

Tuesday, January 1st 2013. | Miscellaneous

In this freezing winter, among the things we want to do the most is dancing until we sweat all over. Sadly, it’s hard to find a beat that can keep us up. But that’s until we discover this new invention by a Japanese Designer, Jun Fujiwara. Dubbed as Re: Sound Bottle, it can capture literally any sounds made near its opening, store them, and arrange them into catchy beats.

Re: Sound Bottle by Jun Fujiwara

On the outside, the Re: Sound Bottle looks just like a mundane plastic bottle which hardly looks of great significance. On the inside however, it sports numerous circuitry as well as complex wiring that can get you a headache as you try to comprehend it. Basically, such components are vital to the software made originally by Fujiwara. It’s the one responsible for all the functionality of Re: Sound Bottle. Check out the Re: Sound Bottle in action on the video below; it sure is nice!

Re: Sound Bottle will automatically records any sounds as the cork is unplugged. It can be the sound of your burp, footstep, ripped pants, you name it!A database will then be created by the software as the number of sounds it’s captured keeps adding up. Once done, the software which is more like a heavenly gifted DJ will convert them into beats you’ve never heard before.

You simply have to unplug the cork again to get it on the playback mode and when your feet start getting tired, just put the cork back on and the music will stop. Re: Sound Bottle has won several design awards but were not sure if Fujiwara will eventually make it available for public.

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