Real-Time Pulse Measurement through Reading Facial Expression

Saturday, May 25th 2013. | Medical

In the future, doctors will no longer use stethoscope to measure their patients’ heartbeat. Instead, they will probably ask the patients to stare at a special camera and say “cheese!” But seriously, scientists who work for Fujitsu recently unveiled a technology that can perform real-time pulse measurement to patients only by reading their facial expression. This will be handy for kids who are afraid of doctors just because of that cold steel plate they place on their chest.

Fujitsu Real-Time Pulse Measurement

Looking at it from a more scientific point of view, our blood actually has the capability to absorb light. Although it’s not visible to bare eyes, the light intensity absorbed by our face always change depending on how much blood is pumped by our heart to the head. Fujitsu’s technology is capable of detecting the slightest of such change and thus, it can tell the patients’ pulse. According to the company, accurate reading can be accomplished in as short as five seconds. Check it out on the video from diginfo below!

Another good thing about the technology is that patents don’t have to sit still in front of the camera. They can move their head or even probably make some silly troll face without worrying that the reading will be inaccurate. Again, kids will benefit the most from it. You know they just can’t stay still even for one second.

Anyway, future use might not be limited to clinical purpose only since the technology can be integrated to security cameras to detect suspicious people. You know, when people are going to do something they shouldn’t do, their heartbeat usually change, indicating fear or worry. How else do you think it can be useful?

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