Recell Spray-On Skin : Heal wounds quickly and reduces scar that appears

Tuesday, November 22nd 2011. | Beauty

Hoped not happen, but if you or the people closest to you are experiencing a pretty serious skin burns, there is news that could be a relief for you and those closest to you to treat skin burns, except with skin grafts of course. Avita Medical, a company located in Pert, Western Australia has developed a product called Recell that can treat burns, wounds, hyper or hypo pigmentation caused by the disease and to improve the appearance of scars.

Recell Spray-on Skin : Heal wounds quickly and reduces scar that appears

So this is how it works, Recell using a small sample of the patient’s keratinocytes and melanocytes skin cells that can rapidly reproduce in a special solution and only requires about half an hour to generate enough cells to cover an area about 80 times larger than the sample the original. then a nozzle located at Recell kit is used to spray the new cells on upper area of ??burned skin.

You do not have to worry about the risk that your body will reject the cells or the fear of disease from the donor (as is commonly experienced during skin grafting) because Recell use the cells to reproduce your own skin cells that have been damaged. In addition, Recell also known to help healing burns faster when compared to skin grafts and can reduce scar that appears.

Recell Spray-on Skin has been approved for sale and use in Europe, Canada and Australia, but unfortunately for now Recell Spray-on Skin has not been approved to be marketed in the USA, according to the information I read from Avita Medical, the reason is still under clinical investigation.


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