Rechargeable Illuminating Wrenches : Say Goodbye To The Darkness

Thursday, September 29th 2011. | Gadgets

Tighten the nuts and bolts with a wrench under the hood of the car and in a dark place is not an easy job, you certainly can ask for help a friend, wife or your child to shine with a flashlight, but sometimes they do not shine where you want. You can also use a flashlight strapped to the head like a coal miner, but the problem is the light is blocked by the shadow of your own hands. well, that’s why this product was created, to provide a solution with a smart and simple way. This product called Rechargeable Illuminating Wrenches.

Rechargeable Illuminating Wrenches

This wrench comes in seven pieces and of course in seven double sided ( wrenches from 3/8-inch(10mm) to 3/4-inch(20mm), each wrench has its own LED light and you can also set the LED lights with high or low beams for precise viewing. The wrenches’ LEDs also feature a flash setting for attracting attention in emergency situations.

Buy this Rechargeable Illuminating Wrenches at Hammacer site for $99.95 and you are ready to fighting with the darkness that surrounds you and your bolts

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