Recon JET Is the Rugged and Sporty Version of Google Glass

Wednesday, May 22nd 2013. | Miscellaneous

Google Glass might be the first device that introduces the convenience of augmented displays but it’s far from perfect. For starter, its unbelievably steep starting price is enough to make a considerable amount of consumers shy away. Also, while its slim profile looks sleek and fashionable, it looks quite fragile at the same time. Recon recently came in to mend the hole using a new device called JET.


Unlike Google’s proud invention, Recon JET looks far more rugged and sturdy with much bigger frame. While Google shows off some business executives with expensive outfitsto promote its wearable computer, Recon picks out some tough looking jocks. Indeed, JET is somehow designated more for consumers who like to spend most of their time outdoor, doing some extreme sports. Now you know that geeks aren’t always thin boys with brace.

Recon Jet HUD by Recon Instruments

Another thing that separates Recon JET from Google Glass is that it focuses more on providing the users with information regarding sports, specifically ones done outdoor. Also, since the display is mounted below the user’s right eye, it won’t distract his attention from the reality while still giving access to the augmented visual. The details of the specifications are still yet to be revealed but we know it’s built-in with lots of sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Check it out on the video below!

About the price, the maker still doesn’t want to specify it but it will very likely range between $400 and $600.Now if you like similar device but with better navigation through handheld controller, you might want to check Epson Moverio.

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