Reebok ATV 19+ Ships with All Terrain Sole

Tuesday, January 29th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Sneakers and ATV are whole different matters but in Reebok designers’ opinion, you can blend them to make one kicking pair of shoes that will fit any outdoor ambition of yours. Meet the Reebok ATV 19+, the first shoe which sports a really fancy outsole which Rebook claims as “all terrain” sole. How do you like it sound, an ATV on your wet stinky feet?

reebok atv plus shoe

Wearing this on public won’t make you a pretty boy but you will for sure attract some passing eyes. With rugged layers on both the toe and heel area, the Reebok ATV 19+ ships with no less than 19 lugs which are squeezed irregularly on the shoe’s sole. It may not win any design awards but we appreciate its originality and of course “functionality”.

Reebok atv 19 plus : all terrain shoe side

According to the company, the Reebok ATV 19+ is designed to provide constant stability for the wearers when they’re out for their favorite outdoor activities. Be it in the snowy, rocky or muddy grounds, wearers’ movement will not be affected too much. Check out Rampage promoting this rugged shoe with his rugged figure on the video below!

The Reebok ATV 19+ isn’t available for mass consumption yet but you should be able to make your purchase on the first day of February. At $140 a pop, I don’t think it’s a bummer. After all, there are a lot more other fancy tennis or golf shoes which sell for unbelievably high price tag and they don’t even have the all-terrain sole like the Reebok ATV 19+ does.

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