ReelSonar Shows Where the Fish Is with an Ultrasonic-Enabled Bobber

Tuesday, January 29th 2013. | Outdoors

Here’s another fancy tool to make your fishing trip an enjoyable experience, instead of a long and boring day. Called as ReelSonar, the tool appears as a bobber with complex electrical components under the hood, intended to exude ultrasonic sound. With this sound, you’ll be able to know what’s going on underwater, including where the fish is.


Right now, the developer is raising a fund at Indiegogo to finance the manufacturing of ReelSonar. Even though the team appreciate any donations regardless the amount, you can only get it shipped right onto your doorstep if you’re OK with a pledge of $79. In case you’re interested to know how the team pitches for its invention, jump on the video below!

According to the developer, the ultrasonic sonar can cover a maximum depth of 150 feet. As soon as the sonar is activated, the ReelSonar will send the data right to your smartphone via Bluetooth. In case, for whatever reason, you’re stranded in some unknown areas, the tool is also capable of mapping the whole waterbed, giving you clues as to where you should steer your boat.

ReelSonar Fishfinder App And Smart Bobber

In addition to detecting the fish, there are a number of other things you can do with the ReelSonar. The app allows you to get an accurate data regarding the salinity and temperature of the water. It also has a built-in weather forecaster, so you won’t end up getting caught in a heavy rain. There is also an alarm feature that will sound off if you’ve got a strike. Combine it with Poletap SmartRod and you’ll be the geekiest fisherman on the block!

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