Remember Ring Burns Your Finger If You Ever Forget Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Monday, March 18th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Girlfriend’s birthday or other special occasions can’t beat the importance of the launch day of a new massive game title or the opening of a new NFL season. I’m sure most of you agree with that but the problem is your girlfriend does not. I’d suggest you be careful with anything your girlfriend gives because it might be some tricky stuff like this Remember Ring. While it looks neat on the outside, its built-in mechanism can send out stinging heat to remind you that you should congratulate your girlfriend for getting older.

Remember Rings

They call the technology as Hot Spot. It’s capable of generating heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for ten seconds. It’s not going to leave a nasty burn on your finger but will definitely startle you. When that happens, you’d better realize that there is a special occasion to celebrate, or else you’d certainly trigger a fire on your relationship.

Using the heat your fingers naturally produce, the Remember Ring’s mechanism converts it to electricity by means of tiny thermo pile. The electricity is then used to charge battery and once the day has come, it’s converted all over again to uncomfortable heating. Sadly, it only allows for one special day so if in one year you’ve got five special occasions you’re required to not forget, you have to wear five of such a ring.

You can buy it from Alaska Jewelry for $760. Expensive? I don’t think so. For that cost, you’ve got 14K gold (white or white) plus a hot reminder and a lifetime warranty. Make sure you tell the vendor what date you want to be reminded of. If that isn’t weird enough, we’ve covered the Man Ring and CAMER: ing.

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