Renault Twizy EV Geared for Real Test with French Firemen

Monday, October 29th 2012. | Transportation

It has been a while since Renault unveiled the Twizy, an unbelievably small electric car packing weight far below normal vehicle. However, no one could have ever estimated that Renault had meant it to assist firefighters tame the burning inferno in some hazardous sites. Indeed, earlier today we have been informed that the company has sent a unit of Twizy EV to Paris fire department to drag it on a real test in the field.

Firefighters Try out Renault Twizy EV

The Twizy EV that is about to be tested is not the one with factory setting, though. Renault has loaded it with a bunch of emergency response equipment i.e. oxygen tanks, first-aid kit, fire extinguishers, etc. Now it is hard to picture how a normal adult driver can fit in to the left-over space of the petite.

Renault Twizy EV firefighters

According to the press release, Renault Twizy EV will start to enroll in the training program in November. And if things run well, it will take up to eight months. Prior to this craze, we only thought that Twizy would just serve as an eco-friendly vehicle for urban citizens. But now, Renault has proven that it always has something up its sleeves to surprise us.

Do note that even though Renault has announced this mad plan to public, the company has no intention at all to use its tiny door-less vehicle as replacement for the huge firefighters’ truck. Instead, the Twizy EV will act as initial response to emergency calls whose function is to condition the target site. This way, once the main lifesaving reinforcement arrives, it could work way more effectively. Think of it as first-aid kit used to give emergency treatment for victims.

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