Re-Timer Glasses Cease Jet Lag for Good

Saturday, November 24th 2012. | Gadgets

If you’re a heavy traveler, you must understand how annoying it is to experience a jet lag. You get a painful dizziness due to the incapability of your circadian rhythm to adapt to a new time zone. There are several methods recommended by medical experts to minimize such a temporary impairment. But if you’re more on the busy side and are unlikely to have time to do such things, you may want to look at the Re-Timer Glasses.

Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses - Promise To Help Fix Jetlag

Actually, they are not the first device in the market intended to provide a solution against jet lag. They manage to stand out, however, thanks to the fact that they’re wearable. Similar to typical tools, the claims made by the designer are like it’ll help you regain your energy faster, get a soundless sleep at night, and keep your fatigue to minimum after flight.

Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses

Re-Timer Glasses do all those said things above using a special LED light shone around the green wavelength of your eyes. You do not need to fear about being blinded or unable to see because the LED is radiated from below. Now what this LED is good for is that it acts as a stimulus to your brain, enabling it to adjust your biological time without affecting much of your physical condition.

For the best result, you can use the Jet Lag Calculator which is provided at the official website of Re-Timer Glasses. To enjoy what these things have to offer, you need to cash out a considerable amount of sum of $260. Not to say that you have to be mentally prepared too as the glasses do look funny.

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