Revolve Bluetooth Jump Rope Lets You Work Out in Geek Style

Wednesday, December 19th 2012. | Sports

Among the most effective exercises meant to improve your cardiovascular strength is skipping rope. It’s simple and cheap, though you may have to push your back a little if you just start it out. Revolve, however, is a little different. It’s developed with Bluetooth enabled and a smartphone app that can not only track your progress but also keep tabs on your vital stats.

Revolve Bluetooth Jump Rope

Overall, Revolve Bluetooth Jump Rope is made of plastic though the grip handles feature a fancy layer of pure leather. Its Bluetooth can be switched on and off with ease but it requires you to stay within 30 feet range to work. On your handset, the free complementary app comes with quite exhaustive features.

Revolve Bluetooth Jump Rope Pairing

A record in regards to the number of jumps and rounds per minute is indeed not special at all but you’ll appreciate that it can also track your BPM along with calories burned. If you want to, the app can even be your personal instructor.

Revolve Bluetooth Jump Rope Information

Anyhow, when you give it a second look, all these features are really not necessary. Heck, you may be more interested playing with the app than seriously working out with the rope. Maybe, the company aims to attract a bunch of geeks who will not likely spend a minute to work out if that can’t find any digital stuff involved.

Speaking of the company, Revolve Bluetooth Jump Rope is manufactured by Quirky. It doesn’t really invent and design it. It simply tags it along from the actual inventor ad present it to the public to see if they like it. Despite being too fancy, we can see that the market somehow has an open space for it; otherwise, it won’t make it into our homepage.

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