Rewind Earbuds by FELTaudio Saves You from Unraveling Messy Headphone Wires

Saturday, January 5th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Bluetooth enabled headphones are on the rise now with more and more people falling for its neatness. Who wants to constantly deal with wires and stuff that keep tangling all the time and require unraveling? However, the major selling point of wireless Bluetooth headphones can also be their Achilles heel. The fact that they are never securely tethered on to your handset makes it easier for them to slip in somewhere and eventually be gone for good.

Rewind Earbuds by FELTaudio

FELTaudio, a start-up on mobile audio industry, aims to resolve it by manufacturing the Rewind Earbuds. They still rely on Bluetooth to connect to your devices. However, they’re also assisted by a couple of wires managed by a neat rewinding system. That way, they never get messy and leaves you with unnecessary home work.

Rewind Earbuds Bluetooth Control Dock by FELTaudio

The silicone-tipped earbuds by FELTaudio are packaged in a compact housing. On this housing box, you can also find a simple yet functional volume controller. Its rechargeable battery is claimed to be good for four hours of continues use. When not used, the box can be attached to several iPhone cases made by the same company, preventing them from slipping into oblivion. The Rewind Earbuds are set to launch at CES next week; from there we can find out about how much it’ll cost you and when it’ll begin shipping.

Along with Rewind Earbuds, FELTaudio is reported to ready Pulse, a Bluetooth speaker whose size is not larger than your iPhone 5. Do you think this startup has any chance to gain your love?

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