RHex Robot Can Jump into Your Nightmare

Wednesday, May 15th 2013. | Robot

While both zombies and ugly robots are the same as creepy, you’ll be well relieved for knowing that zombies are far from existence. As for scraps-made robots, they have kept on coming up for the last few years, haunting those with acute paranoia to their worst nightmare.

RHex Robot Can Jump, Swim, and Climb Stairs

This RHex Robot, for example, isn’t sleek at all. The fact of the matter is that it looks like a gigantic butt-looking cockroach with three eyes and six units of super-flea legs. The latter enables it to jump over any obstacles appearing before it, no matter how tall they are. So, you think you can run away from such monstrosity? Not so fast, homey! Check out how it leaps over vertical platforms effortlessly!

Trying to crush this thing will most likely turn out into a futility as it’s made with ruggedized body. And there will be no underwater area that’s deep enough to kill it for drowning because it’s designed to withstand submersion as well. Knowing that, you’ll not want to swim your way through because while you’re gasping in need of oxygen, it can grab your feet and drag you down to the place you don’t want to know.

The maker of RHex Robot is some engineers from KodLab of University of Pennsylvania. Until today, there has been seven prototypes of the robot each f which designated for different purpose. One is specialized move effectively on a sandy desert, one is made to be a teacher, and there is one engineered to be your puppy. Of course, if you don’t mind keeping this three-eyed alien in your room.

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