Rhino Shield Makes Corning Gorilla Glass Look Like a Child’s Play

Monday, February 18th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Most high end smartphones today are equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass. While it’s good to keep your handset safe from unnecessary scratches, it can’t really protect your device from accidental drop. Even the third generation of Gorilla Glass touted a while ago at CES 2013 still suffered from cracks when it was hit by a steel ball bearing. If this is at your concern, the Rhino Shield by Evolutive Labs will give you peace of mind.

Rhino Shield : The Impact Resistant Screen Protector by Evolutive Labs

Despite being 0.028cm thin, Rhino Shield is utterly indestructible. If a deliberate hit made by a massive construction hammer can shatter it, then no drop impact is strong enough to leave a crack on this screen protector. Of course, the story will be different if you drop it from extreme heights. Check out the demo video below; you’ll see an iPhone come out fine even after undergoing three severe tortures, not for faint-hearted.

At first, I thought it used the same revolutionary polymer called Poron XRD used in ViVAX but then I knew it was different stuff. Evolutive Labs utilize six different layers to deal with various potentially harmful external forces; all f them are compressed into one screen protector which is only three times thicker than common sheet of paper.

Rhino Shield is made in many different sizes to address some of the most popular handsets in the market. The early bird price for interested backers at Kickstarter ranges from 12 to 20 pounds which is not very cheap for a screen protector, Still, I guess the investment is pretty worth it given that your beloved device is no longer a subject for any cracks.

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