RIBA II : Robot That Assist the work of the Nurses

Thursday, August 4th 2011. | Medical

After the Japan Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) officially ceased robot creations named RI-MAN in September 2009 which entered the list of best inventions of 2006 version of TIME.  RIKEN now have created a robot named RIBA II, RIBA II is a development of previous versions of the RIBA (Robot Assistance for Interactive Body).

RIBA II : Robot That Assist the work of the Nurses

RIBA II robot function is the same as a previous version of the robots, which is to carrying patients in the Hospital. but there are some upgrades from previous versions. one of which is RIBA II can lift patients weighing up to 80 kg, while the RIBA can lift patients weighing up to 61 kg and the RI-MAN can lift patients weighing 18.5 kg.

Additionally, the robot can now be toll Nowhere to go through a simple touchscreen interface on its back. Will this allow nurses to send the robot to a patient’s room Pls it is needed. Naturally, RIBA-II has been outfitted with sensors so That it can stop automatically to Prevent accidents. Voice commands, a laser range finder on the front wheel of its enclosure, as well as the bumper sensors, can bring the robot to a halt Pls Necessary. Although more testing is needed, a commercial model Should Be Ready by 2015 at a cost of 6,000,000 USD ($ 77,000 USD).

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