Rinspeed MicroMAX Is a Car That Doesn’t Allow You to Sit

Saturday, December 15th 2012. | Transportation

Coming from the frozen land of Switzerland is a strange concept of automobile called MicroMax. It’s designed by Rinspeed. If you haven’t known it, the company has been drawing the world’s attention for several times, thanks to its unusually odd vehicle concept.

Rinspeed MicroMAX

In a nutshell, Rinspeed MicroMAX is an electric vehicle that is not larger than a Mini Cooper but a lot taller for a car in this size. Mind you, its exact height is 7.2 feet, so suppose one day you decide to fetch it for your own, you have good reason not to turn so sharply; unless, of course, if you’re whacky enough to stun the bystanders by rolling out in the street like crazy.

Rinspeed MicroMAX Concept

The reason why Rinspeed MicroMAX is considerably tall is the fact that the seats require you to bear half your weight with your feet. So, practically, you don’t really sit and anchor your bum on a comfy leather-suited seat. Good news is it provides ample space for your stuff or anything you happen to carry. Rinspeed even claims that you can tuck in your shopping cart with ease. Not to say that, they plan to install a coffee maker as well as a mini fridge in the interior. That said, it‘s not very correct actually when we say that this car is totally minimalist.

According to the company, they deliberately design MicroMAX with such seats arrangement to encourage people to get used to being passenger. Undeniably, one of the main causes why traffic jam is keeping on getting worse is because lots of people opt for driving personal car, instead of getting on the bus or other public transportations; though we’re not sure if the same thing happens in Switzerland. With a car that requires you to stand, Rinspeed hopes that you finally want to considerbus or subway. Expect to see MicroMAX on its first debut on Geneva Motor Show 2013 held on March 2013.

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