RL Mark VI Is a Real Iron Man Suit with Rocket Boots and AR Goggles

Thursday, May 30th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Sometime ago, I’ve covered about Iron Man Suit made by some British design firm but it turned that it’s a mere rendering to make a fool of everyone. This time around, I run into similar stuff and though its look is far from being the exact copy of Tony Stark’s proud armor, this thing is real and sports almost all the high-tech features of our super hero costumes. Probably, the only thing it lacks is the butt kicking weapons and canons.

RL Mark VI Space Diving Suit

Dubbed as RL Mark VI, this suit is designed for all daredevils who don’t mind losing their lives so long they can enjoy the thrill for jumping from a spaceship that’s reached low Earth orbit. They call it space diving (think of sky diving that’s added with more insanity and less mindfulthoughts). It was only a wild imagination from extreme sports fans until Felix Baumgartner proved that it’s possible after he managed to land safely from a jump done at 127,852 feet above the Earth.

You think that’s crazy? Well, not really once you know that the creator of RL Mark VI aims to make space diving even more dangerous by stripping out the parachute. For replacement, the suit is packed with rocket boots to enable users to glide and launch themselves across the thin atmosphere and land softly on their feet by shifting the propulsion upwards. Check out the rendering footage below!

To help users better control the rocket-powered engines on their feet and hand palms, RL Mark VI is also fitted with augmented reality goggles developed by Juxtopia. It works similarly like Google Glass and can tell all vital information regarding the dangerous trip to the users. Expect to see it in action in 2016.

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