RoBo 3D Printer Is the Cheapest 3D Printer

Wednesday, January 2nd 2013. | Miscellaneous

When we discovered the Dream Vendor, we thought 3D printing couldn’t be even cheaper. Seriously, you just have to insert a few pennies into the vending machine and you’ve got access to the massive printer. However, we realized that we were wrong as we run into RoBo 3D Printer. For less than $600, you can actually have your own 3D printer right on your desktop; no more pennies to toss every time you want to make out something.

Robo 3D Printer : Open source and low cost 3D Printer Machine

RoBo 3D Printer is a recent project on Kickstarter but provided its awesomeness and low cost, it exceeded its funding goal only within a few days after launch. Specifically, the team expects to sell it for $520 but if you join the fun and make a preorder now, you can get a handsome discount of $70. Now this is actually a dream that comes true; a 3D printer that sets your back less than $500. Check out the introductory video by the developer team below!

The negative side of offering your products for extremely low price is that people will naturally question its quality and it happened to RoBo 3D Printer as well. Several torture test in which the printer was required to print out some virtual objects without collapsing had been carried out. So far, this guy does well but the team is still working hard to improve its precision.

Other than that, it’s a quite fine 3D printer. In fact, it’s so easy to use you don’t need to have any experience with 3D printing. For editing and rendering the object, the team suggests an open source program called Sketchup. Once you have a ready-to-print design, simply tap on the print command and you’ve made your first 3D print. Nice!

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