Robotalk Aims to Be Your Desktop Best Friend

Friday, February 8th 2013. | Robot

With hordes of sleek hands-off features and artificial intelligence that can adapt to your preferences, Google Now and Siri might be the smartest smartphone apps there are today. Both are aimed to be your personal assistant which is always ready to aid you in getting your job done easier.

Robotalk Okamura Desktop Robot Assistant

However, Japanese companies like Fujisoft and Okamura want to take it a little further. Instead of offering smart apps, they disguise their artificial intelligence platform into a physical robot which can engage owners in wider range of motion. While Fujisoft’s desktop robot Palro had been made commercially available for a while now, Okamura’s Robotalk has just been announced recently.

Robotalk Okamura automatically welcomes visitors

Interestingly, both desktop robot assistants are quite the same in features, except the fact that Robotalk doesn’t have a mechanism that enables it to move around.Even though Okamura doesn’t explicitly mention it, there is good chance that the company is in partnership with Fujisoft on the development of our little best friend.

Robotalk Okamura in office meetings

Specifications include 2MP camera aided with proximity sensors to detect your presence, microphone, and speaker. Under the hood are 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of DDR2 SDRAM, and 8GB of built-in storage. Connectivity relies on USB port, LAN, and Wi-Fi. All of this hardware supports “Sapie” – the name of the artificial intelligence platform – which runs on system powered by Ubuntu.

Robotalk Okamura in hospital

Pretty much like Siri and Google Now, Robotalk can understand and execute wide range of voice commands. Basic functionalities like online searching, reading your RSS feed, MP3 play back, emailing and messaging are only a tip of the iceberg. You can also set it to remind you about important events and even engage it in casual chat should your day is quite boring. Nice, isn’t it?

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