Robotic Bear Pillow Helps You to Stop Snoring During Sleep

Wednesday, November 16th 2011. | Medical

If you are someone who often snore when sleeping, and still not married, you deserve to try “Jukusui-kun”. Why only unmarried are eligible to try it? Because if you are married, of course you would prefer your wife or husband to do it. No, it’s not like you think, “Jukusui-kun” or in English means “Mr. Deep sleep” is a robot in the bear-shaped pillow that can help stop or reduce snoring while you sleep.

Jukusui-kun Robotic Bear Pillow

Developed at the Kabe laboratory at Waseda University in Tokyo, The robotic bear pillow equipped with built in microphone to detect snoring. There is also a sensor which monitors your heart rate and blood oxygen levels that attached to your hand. Usually, when snoring starts, blood oxygen levels drop and your heart rate goes up. Once snoring is detected, the bear-pillow’s hand gently brushing the sleeper face, enticing you to roll over on his or her side which can stops snoring and restores a more restful sleep. Want to see the Robotic Bear Pillow in action? check the video below :

So which one you choose to gently brushing your face while snoring? robotic hand or hands of your wife or husband? I’ll leave it to you

via [technabob]

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