Robotimer : Cup Noodle That Can Transform Into A Robot

Monday, November 28th 2011. | Food & Beverage

In order to celebrate the forty-year anniversary of one of its brand named Cup Noodle, Nissin foods in collaboration with Vstone has created a cup noodle equipped with a timer and can transform into a robot. Heh ? yes, you read it right.  When you first get it, this thing looks like cup noodles in general. but when you start cooking the noodles and set the timer, That’s when this thing transformed into robotimer like affected by energy from the AllSpark Cube.

Cup Noodle Robotimer

Unfortunately, Robotimer not be traded freely. To get it, you must be a winner in a lottery system that they hold. You can see the terms and conditions for this Lottery on the official website Robotimer, and is only available in Japan. Check the video below to see the cup noodle robotimer in action:

via [technabob]
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