Roboy Is the Cutest Humanoid Robot Ever Made

Friday, January 4th 2013. | Robot

The only place where you can see humanoid robots look appealing is on the movie. I’m not saying that Arnold Schwarzenegger is easy to the eyes but he at least doesn’t differ too much with us. Robots in reality are all but ugly metal constructions that are animated by some program or some sort of artificial intelligence. They’re far from looking humane… until Roboy was unveiled.

Roboy: Cutest Humanoid Robot from University of Zurich Artificial Intelligence Lab

Engineers from University of Zurich’s Artificial Intelligence Lab are reportedly working on the development of next generation humanoid robot which is designed to assist senior citizens or the disabled. Unlike most humanoid robots in general, though, the team aims to make this robot appear with face looking as cute as an innocent boy. The image you see is only a concept because current progress is still at the stage of constructing the body. Check out the video below!

Roboy is set to join the Robots on Tour event in Zurich, Switzerland but there is one thing that threatens its first debut, the fund. Right now, the engineering team is looking to raise some money to finance its development. You can choose either having your name and company’s logo imprinted on the Roboy’s body or a ticket to the said event.

Other than Roboy, Kenshiro is another humanoid robot whose appearance is the closest to us. Unlike the Zurich’s proud mech, though, the team behind Kenshiro does not focus on the face. Instead, they’re attempting to replicate the human’s musculoskeletal anatomy. If only Kenshiro and Roboy can be fused altogether, we’ll be entering an era similar to that showcased on Schwarzenegger’s movies.

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