Rode iXY iPhone Microphone Gets Its Official Debut at CES

Saturday, January 12th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Not everyone resorts to their iPhone when they want to make some audio recording. Its camera might snap a pretty decent images but its audio recording capability is a different story. Many people simply grab a better audio recorder to accomplish the task but some others choose to remain with their iPhone plus an additional aftermarket microphone. Speaking of it, an Australia-based company, Rode Microphone has unveiled its latest microphone to its product lineup, the Rode iXY.

Rode iXY : The ultimate recording microphone for iPhone or iPad

The microphone features a pair of cardioid condensers which is aligned in 90 degree angle. This is not just for aesthetic reason. Rode claims that by doing this, the device can be better at reducing ambient noise which can spoil the end result of the recording. Also, users won’t run ever again into problems dealing with bi-positional recording. As for the recording rates, Rode iXY is said to work at 24-bit/96kH which is awesome. Check out the demo video released by Rode itself!

In order to get the world’s attention, Rode iXY is showcased at CES. So far, the result is beyond expectation. The initial launch stock has completely run out, so if you want this for your own good, you have to go along the preorder route. At $199, this thing is quite expensive for an iPhone accessory. However, you will also get a free foam windshield and a carrying case for that price. As for the app, you can opt for either the free version or the pro one. The latter will cost you an extra of $5.99. Any takers?

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