Rollei iSY Photo Printers Released, Allows You To Print Your Snaps Quickly

Monday, February 18th 2013. | Mobile Phones

A while ago, iPhone-ography was quite a trend. The many third party accessories showing up at Kickstarter clearly proved it. Even though this trend seems like taking a significant dive, it doesn’t prevent Rollei from releasing two of its new iSY Photo Printers. The idea is that the company wants to provide a quick and easy solution for the remaining iPhone-ographers to print their snapshots.

Rollei iSY Photo Printers

Both new Rollei iSY Photo Printers don’t have any operational buttons. In exchange, the company has developed an app for both Android and iOS devices which is used to control the machines. According to Rollei, using this app is a piece of cake. The only situation where it gets a little troublesome is when you’re not sure which pictures to print. One model comes only with a common USB port but the other is WiFi enabled, enabling users to have their photos printed wirelessly.

iSY Photo Printers by Rollei

Thanks to the AIO cartridge technology and thermo-sublimation the quality of the prints is said to be close to one coming out of photo printing lab. Each photograph will take 55 seconds to finish but once it’s out of the machine, it becomes entirely waterproof and resistive to fingerprints; no more smudges. Additional features include printing panoramic pictures measuring in up to 4-inch x 16.4-inch as well as automatic cutting.

This is clearly not something new because other companies like Canon have also launched typical printers to the market. However, Rollei iSY Photo Printers can be an alternative if you look for one without buttons. The USB-only model sells for $215 while the WiFi version costs $240. Lastly, each cartridge replacement will need you to shell out $19.

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