Romotow Lives up to the Techiest and Most Luxurious Camping Caravan Design

Saturday, December 22nd 2012. | Transportation

When you are asked to think about staying in a camping caravan, the things that will most likely cross your mind are that it’s dull, ugly, extremely hot, and other stuff that won’t make you rest comfortably. This has inspired an infamous design firm from New Zealand, W2, to design Romotow. In the simplest words, it will be the techiest and most luxurious camping caravan you can find on this planet.

romotow w2 concept caravan folding

While most caravans come with boring static old design, Romotow sports a folding mechanism that will leave your jaws dropped for getting so amazed. “The inspiration comes from the sleek Swiss knife”, says the leading designer in W2. As the main compartment of the caravan folds out to the side, an open deck is revealed, giving you the comfiest spot to enjoy the surrounding nature.

romotow w2 concept swiss army caravan folding

If you find the weather isn’t really friendly, you can pull up the protective screens to cover you from the rain. All of this is activated with a touch of a button and the company says it won’t take more than three minutes to fully extend the caravan. Neat! Check out the animated video below!

Considering the weight of the caravan, some problems are certainly expected during the manufacturing process. However, W2 is not a startup design company. The team is confident enough have it handled properly. Right now, W2 is observing how people react to Romotow. If they find it develops enough curiosity and interest, they will certainly propose it to some big name manufacturer to start the production. A working prototype hasn’t been made yet, so stay with us to know it first hand.

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