RP-VITA Gains FDA Approval, Will Soon Wander Around Your Local Hospital

Saturday, February 2nd 2013. | Medical, Robot

In the future, the interaction between doctors and their patients will probably be minimized to the point where their presence is only needed when the patients are going to undergo a surgery, thanks to medical robots. You may think it’s a shame to our humanity but if the technology allows you to do that, why not. Besides, there are too few doctors compared to the large number of sick patients.

RP-VITA New Robot from iRobot and InTouch Health

Speaking of nurse droids, iRobot had actually proposed a concept of autonomous telemedical robot called RP-VITA since a while ago. However, it was just recently FDA gave its approval. Similar to the Korean-made KIRO-M5, iRobot’s medical mech is more than just a telecommunicating means. It is designed with multiple sensors capable of detecting obstacle which allows it to wander around the hospital corridor like a real nurse.

iRobot was in partnership with a leading company in telecommunicating industry named InTousch’s AVA. The features which are squeezed into the RP-VITA allow it to fully monitor the patients until the physician agrees that they have stepped out of critical state. That means it’ll stay around you before the operation, while operation and after operation.

While observing you, RP-VITA can perform various assessments dealing with your vital signs. These include cardiovascular, psychological, prenatal, and neurological monitoring. While it’s around, you can also communicate with your physician remotely, thanks to the integrated LCD on which it’ll project the face of your doctor. If you have a phobia to moving droids, you’d better deal with it because in the future all medical assistance might be provided by our cold steel buddies.

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