Rufus Roo : Travel Jacket That Suck Your Stuff Like A Blackhole

Wednesday, September 28th 2011. | Fashion & Styles

Blackhole will suck every object to it, but what about the rufus roo? will it happen the same? the rufus roo is innovative concept for a jacket. it comes with idea to bring more stuff inside of it. rufus roo is a jacket to comes along with our holiday or travel activity. rufus roo is stylish jacket to bring more stuff with less frustation. rufus roo is suitable to short holiday, commuting to the office, shopping without bags, or even beating airline luggage limits.

Rufus Roo

Rufus Roo

Rufus roo is lighweight, and attached with big pockets that lets you carry up to 22 lbs. With this big pocket you can bring almost your stuff from : book, gadgets, cosmetics, documents, even the wine bottle. rufus roo is available on various size and color. more space with less bag to hold in our hand, rufus roo is a weapon of choice, we must list it in our must have clothes, because it is available now for $47,  pick the color, choose the size that suit on you, bring it all, rufus roo will pack it all.

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