Saddle Lock Is Built Into the Saddle of Your Bike, Confusing Potential Thieves

Tuesday, January 15th 2013. | Security, Transportation

The more people are conscious about how important it is to preserve the energy, the more I run across people with their bicycle. Though the numbers are relatively lower those of drivers, cyclists are growing up quite significantly today. The most irritating thing, however, with the increase of these cyclists comes also the rise of the thieves. And walking out of Starbucks only to find that your bike has gone missing is the last thing you want to experience.

Saddle Lock

That prompts some creative designers to invent a foolproof locking system for bicycle. The latest one might be Saddle Lock. As it name implies, this lock is built into the saddle of your bike; not something all those thieves see every day. Granted, they will certainly run into confusion upon trying to unlock your bike.

Saddle Lock Bicyle Lock

Saddle Lock Bicyle Lock by Lee Sang Hwa, Kim Jin Ho & Yeo Min Gu

Using Saddle Lock is pretty simple too. All you need is just push the right button and the saddle will be set into locking mode. The saddle itself sports a unique cut-away shape which allows a portion of the rear tire slip into it. As for the final touch, a rugged alloy lock will pop up from one side of the saddle and get back into the other side, securing the tire.

Saddle Lock Design Concept

While all of this sounds pretty legit, I think there are several catches with this Saddle Lock. One, it’s built-in, so some models of bicycle especially with large rear tire might not be compatible with it. Next, since the lock is built into the saddle, it’s impossible to adjust its height. Last but not least, the thieves might fail to unlock it but we doubt if it keeps them from picking up the bike; unless you secure it to a fixed object. What you say?

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