Samsung Mobile Beam Projector Officially Released

Wednesday, December 5th 2012. | Mobile Phones

With the release of the new Samsung Mobile Beam Projector, the Korea-based giant is looking to provide an alternative for those in need of a handy projector. Being not larger than common smartphones today, it is expected that users can just easily snuggle it on their pocket for quick and easy presentation. But that’s, of course, if you do not mind about it’s the low quality of the projected image.

Samsung EAD-R10

Samsung Mobile Beam Projector is apparently can only project your presentation in resolution that most likely leads you to a long face which is 640 x 360 pixels. The brightness level of 20 lumens doesn’t seem too capable of impressing anyone. So, if you’ve been thinking that you can use it to create a complete high-definition home theatre, we’re sorry to see your hope crushed.

The humbleness of Samsung Mobile Beam Projector seems to go up to the battery department. With only 1,650mAh battery, it can only last two hours at max in a single charge. Furthermore, given that it’s built in, we don’t see any way for you to replace it.

Good news is its appearance is pretty sleek. In case you’re curious about the exact dimension, it’s 116mm x 60.4mm x 12.2mm. Wrapped in elegant black body, you sure can look stylish with it. There is no telling about how much this humble beast weighs in but we don’t think it goes all the way beyond 150gr. In terms of connectivity, it’s compatible with all Galaxy devices and your PC. You need to get your own HDMI cable to tether it.

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