Samsung’s Smart Tango Corner Clean Images Show Up at Flickr

Friday, January 4th 2013. | Household

A number of images allegedly represent the Smart Tango Corner Clean have shown up at Flickr, teasing the tech-savvy community prior to its official launch at next week CES. If you haven’t known it, the machine in question is Samsung’s first robotic vacuum cleaner. The electronic giant aims to compete with LG which has enjoyed the fun of manufacturing such a mech earlier. Back then in November, LG announced the updated version of its robotic vacuum called Hom-Bot Square.

Samsung Smart Tango Corner Clean

Though both LG’s vacuum and Samsung’s Smart Tango Corner Clean are made to serve the same purpose, which is keeping your house clean without you getting your hands dirty, they’re different in terms of the design. While LG’s machine boasts a rectangular body, Samsung’s mech comes in circular form. Unfortunately, Sammy didn’t upload any demo video, so we’re not sure if this design is of any benefit for the vacuum’s performance.

Smart Tango Corner Clean: Samsung's new robotic vacuum cleaner

By the way, the Smart Tango Corner Clean is set to be officially announced at CES 2013 actually but it looks like the Korean-based company can’t stand the waiting. According to our source, the vacuum will feature pop out brushes capable of wiping off even the most persistent dirt. Controls are made easy by the compact LCD with its touch functionality. However, the most interesting one is the option for manual control. This enables you to direct the mech to some spots that it incidentally misses.

Other details including price tag and availability are scant. We hope to hear more from Sammy about this at CES. So, stick around!

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