Sauna Box Gets You Peace of Mind for a Whopping Amount of Bucks

Sunday, January 6th 2013. | Beauty

If you agree that your mind’s health is the most important thing to live a happy life, then you agree that nothing is too expensive for it, including this portable sauna box designed by Castor Design. Actually, it’s not very appropriate to call this thing portable because no matter from where you view it, it looks like a huge box impossible for you to carry. However, compared to a sauna room integrated to a fancy building, it indeed can be ported, of course, using some heavy tools.

sauna box

Made of a recycled shipping container, Castor Design’s Sauna Box look very plain from the outside but its interior is quite luxurious, dominated with western red cedar woods; no wonder it sells for $41,000. It measures 96 x 96 x 96 inches, so you’d better have a quite large backyard to put it in. The heat is generated by a wood-fired stove outside the sauna.

sauna box by castor design

Above the unit is a set of solar panels used to power up a number of amenities inside. These include a stereo on which you can connect your iPod for some cozy music and magnetic truck lights. If you think you’re a pretty decent guitarist, there is an outlet its wooden wall to hook up your electric guitar, allowing you to be that popular sweaty and stinky rock star.

Still, if you think it’s more enjoyable to relax inside a steaming sauna, this Sauna Box is installed with a nice stool, the creative mark of the company. It might be expensive but again it may get you that priceless peace of mind and you’ve agreed that nothing is too expensive for that.

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