Scanadu Scout Goes Official, You’re Your Own Doctor Now!

Monday, December 3rd 2012. | Medical

It’s been a while since it was issued that Scanadu was trying to develop a home-based health diagnosing tools. Today, we heard that one of the three devices which were described last year has gone official and it goes by the name of Scanadu Scout. Measuring not larger than an adult’s hand palm, it istra believed to be capable of reading broad range of vital signs in only 10 seconds.

Scanadu SCOUT

More importantly, it comes with a complementary app for your mobile devices. You have to activate the Bluetooth in order to connect it with your handset. Once done, all the acquired data will be transferred to your handset for better reading. The info will cover issues regarding current oxygen level in your blood, heart activity, body temperature, and pulse rate variability. Scanadu Scout isn’t available for purchase yet but the retail price is likely to be around $150.

Along with the Scout, Scanadu also invented other two devices which are meant to measure different metrics of your body. They will go by the name of ScanaFlo and ScanaFlu. The former will come up as a disposable cartridge that can convert your smartphone into a comprehensive urine analyzer. According to the company, pregnant women will benefit the most from it. As with the ScanaFlu, it works by thoroughly examine your saliva and determine if you are developing symptoms of certain influenza.

The last two devices are very likely to be unveiled next year, though we have no idea how much it’ll set your back.If you look for similar health diagnosing tools for your canine best friend, you should check out Fujitsu Wandant dog pedometer.

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