Scandock : New Way to Scan without PC

Monday, January 21st 2013. | Mobile Phones

Not everyone with iPhone has a dock made by third party companies, but if you do what can you do with it? Charging your iPhone? Lame! That’s old school, my friend. If you like iPhone dock with brand new functionality, check out the Scandock!

Scandock by Nicholas G. Warnock

In a nutshell, this iPhone dock allows you to convert your iPhone into a scanner whose quality matches those which have to be paired with a desktop or Mac, if not better. Sure, you can take a snapshot of some document of yours only using the iPhones camera but the results will hardly satisfy you. If anything, all you will end up is getting irritated for the blurry looking images and other inconveniences. Check out the demo below!

Basically, Scandock comprises of four main parts: the dock, the dock extension, the arms and the base unit. Since some of you tend to go with Android-powered handsets, the developer addresses this by providing a universal dock that is compatible with some of the most popular Android devices like Galaxy S3, Note II, HTC One x, etc.

The arms, on the other hand, have four built-in lamps set in particular angle to enable maximum result regardless the surrounding lighting condition. As for the base unit, it comprises of aluminum chassis and silicone mat. The mat is a little sticky but not to the extent where it can damage your document. An accompanying app is offered for free and as you can guess, this addition offers a lot of features. One that we like the most is a quick shortcut to email the result.

The only drawback might be that its design is not very collapsible thus, making it a bit awkward to move around. If you can go with that, you can pledge $479 to secure a unit of Scandock on the shipping day.

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