Scentee Allows You to Send Smelly Text Messages

Friday, May 17th 2013. | Mobile Phones

I was really irritated when realizing that Google Nose was just a trick for Google to make fool of its users but oh, well that was the 1st of April. Fast forward today, scientists apparently managed to find the necessary technology to facilitate scent messaging. Dubbed as Scentee, this smartphone add-on is claimed to include a particular of scent in almost any elements of smartphone, even mobile gaming. Now that is a rocking tech!

Scentee Send a scent with your message by ChatPerf

So, imagine you play something like Call of Duty on your iPhone and as you spray your enemies with a rain of hot bullets, you can smell the typical scent of a gun powder. Better yet, when you find out that your best friend is kind of troubled, you can motivate him/her not only with beautiful encouraging words but also some good smells that can make him/her realize that this life is too beautiful to live with sadness. Check out the maker’s brief explanation on the video below!

Currently, Scentee is only a prototype and there doesn’t seem to be any exact pricing and availability info from the maker. However, the SDK has been released, allowing app developers to integrate it into their software. Furthermore, the current version is only compatible with iPhones but its Android counterpart is sure to follow. Unlike the iPhone add-on, it won’t plug to the dock connector. Instead, it will be designed to slot into the headphone jack.

Scentee Send a scent with your message

Another thing to note is that one small tank of Scentee only accounts for one particular smell. Thus, if you want to send lots of different smells, you will have to invest in lots of different tanks. Let’s just hope the company won’t make any tank that contains the smell of a puppy’s poop.

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