Scottsdale Cuffs Deliver Electric Shock You Won’t Want to Deal With

Tuesday, December 18th 2012. | Miscellaneous

If you have some thoughts about turning into a nasty bad guy, you’d better consider it again because in the future, law armament will be a lot more wicked and you won’t like it for sure. Not too long time ago, a concept of a new kind of cuffs was submitted for patent review by Scottsdale Inventions, LLC. Unlike conventional handcuffs, Scottsdale cuffs can deliver a paralyzing electric shock which should better teach all those bad guys.

Scottsdale Cuffs

Working on the basis of Taser, such a capability is supported with electrodes. According to the company, their system can induce high-voltage, low amperage jolt to freeze the wearer’s voluntary nervous system. Furthermore, Scottsdale cuffs can also be set to give the detainees initial warning before they can experience the main dish. These warnings are like mild vibration, flashlight, and audible signal. Additionally, they also said something about future plan to adapt the same exact system on other law enforcement such as restraining belt, neck collar, ankle cuff, and also straitjacket.

Exclusion zone option for the shock cuffs

Scottsdale cuffs exclusion zone option

Well, the company’s future plan doesn’t only consist of a simple system adaption on new devices, actually. They do include a plan to integrate the Scottsdale cuffs with truckloads of smaller components, such as micro camera, microphone, potentiometer, accelerometer, location tacking sensor, inclinometer, etc. Once it’s done, the authority will have almost a complete control over the detainees. Now it gets even scarier. As for activation, it mainly counts on radio transmitters. Officials will be able to set it up whether it’s switched on when detainees enter a particular zone or when they’re moving out of it.

So, how do you like it for a shot? Unless, you’re an elite soldier who has developed some sort of immunity against such electrical shock, you won’t dare to get your hands on it. On the meantime, comments are all welcome.

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